There’s a certain smell made by an old valve radio, that and the warm glow of incandescent light that seems to warm the room while guiding you through the airwaves and bringing you sounds from around the globe.

These are the memories which were etched into Martin as a child thanks to a lucky find at a jumble sale, a find that ignited a passion that is as real now, as it was back then. Martin grew up with radio, went to school with a radio and has never been without one. Radio is a superb media, even now, with so many TV channels available. The three members of ‘Buggles’ Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes and Bruce Woolley wrote in their 1979 hit that ‘video killed the radio star, in my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind we’ve gone too far’ but not for Martin, for him radio can never be killed. Radio is a leading media, first with the news, first to play new music and first to spark your imagination.

A radio will keep you company more than a television any day.